Camps for children in Cyprus – Trinity Camp 2024

Camps for children in Cyprus – Trinity Camp 2024

Summer is a time for children to fulfil their potential, make new friends and learn new skills. And what could be better than a children's camp that combines learning English with an active holiday in sunny Cyprus?

Trinity Private School is an international all-day school offering a variety of study programmes and children's camps for children aged 7 to 15 years old. At Trinity Camp, children are given the opportunity not only to relax but also to develop in a friendly environment.

Trinity Camp is a unique place for recreation and personal growth for children and teenagers in Cyprus. Our children's camps are designed for anyone who wants to spend their holidays in a fun and enjoyable way.

Our camps take place in various locations in and around picturesque Limassol, from mountainous landscapes to urban locations near the seaside. This variety of locations provides not only new knowledge and skills, but also unforgettable experiences.

Trinity Camp offers programmes for all school holidays: summer, spring and autumn. We have city day camps and residential camps, allowing you to choose the perfect option for each child.

The cost varies from 400 to 1500 euros, which makes our programmes affordable with a high level of services provided. At Trinity Camp every child will find something to enjoy, and parents can be sure of the quality and safety of their stay.

Benefits of Trinity Camps for children and teenagers

Trinity Camp offers many benefits to its participants, making their holidays not only fun but also rewarding. The team of teachers and tutors consists of qualified professionals who help children learn new skills, develop, have a safe and healthy holiday. Camp programmes are varied and interesting, they are designed to combine learning with fun in a friendly and safe environment. At Trinity Camp, children participate in a variety of physical activities, enjoy a balanced diet, and live in a comfortable setting.

6 priorities of our camps

  1. (1)
    English with native speakers - 10 hours per week of intensive English language communication with native speakers.
  2. (2)
    Physical activities - team and individual sports and exercises that promote physical fitness.

  3. (3)
    Unique locations - camps are located in mountainous terrain, urban areas and by the sea, providing a variety of experiences.
  4. (4)
    Healthy meals - menus designed by a nutritionist ensure a balanced and healthy diet for participants.
  5. (5)
    Interesting themes and formats - programmes include creative, scientific and sporting activities to encourage all-round development.
  6. (6)
    Gadget-free holidays - games and adventures that promote lively interaction and strengthen social skills.

English summer camp in Cyprus

Trinity Camp provides a unique opportunity to learn English under the guidance of experienced teachers and native speakers. One of the key features of the camp is the English language programme included in many of the sessions. Teaching methods are varied: from classic lessons to interactive games and practical assignments. Language teachers at Trinity Camp use an individual approach to each child, which contributes to a faster and more effective learning of new information. This helps children not only improve their linguistic skills, but also develop confidence in communicating in English. Staying at Trinity Camp offers a unique opportunity to immerse in an international environment with native speakers of different languages, which significantly reduces stress and learning load. Children can socialise with peers from different countries, enriching their cultural experience and actively using English in their daily lives.

Trinity camp

Daily routine at Trinity Children's Camps

At our children's camps, each day is carefully planned so that participants can enjoy their stay to the fullest. Routines are prepared separately for each camp session. A typical day at Camp Trinity looks like this:

- Morning exercise to get the children awake and energised.
- A nutritious breakfast to help build energy.

First half of the day
- Educational sessions and activities as part of the camp programme.

Second half of the day
- A nutritious lunch to restore energy.
- Outdoor recreation with active games, sports activities and excursions in the surrounding area.

- End the day with a delicious dinner.
- Themed entertainment with exciting activities, competitions and shows.
- A well-deserved rest and an evening call with parents to exchange impressions.

Project work
During their entire stay, the children work on a project which they present at the end of their time. This allows them to apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt in practice.

Safety and comfort

We are well aware of the importance of safety and comfort for your child. Our entire team is made up of professionals (there is always a medical professional on the team) who care about the well-being of each participant. We also liaise with parents 24/7 so that you can always be assured of your child's safety.

How do I sign my child up for a camp?

Signing up for camp is quick and easy. Enrolling for Trinity Camp is online. To enrol your child in any of our Trinity Private School camps you need to complete an application form on our camp website, or you can also enrol by calling +357 97000330 or texting the school on Telegram: @primary_trinity. Our family managers will help you choose the right camp for your child, answer any questions you may have and advise you on how to pay.  

For Trinity Private School students, you can pay for your camp booking via our school Telegram bot or on the website. For anyone who wants to join our camps without being a student of the school, payment is available after registering on our website or at the Junior School.

Don't miss the opportunity to give your child an unforgettable summer in one of the best children's camps in Cyprus!

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