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Trinity School accepts students from 0 to 11 grade. Find out more about the admissions process for all grades.

The admission campaign includes two stages:

We do not comment on the results of the admission campaign and ask you to treat with understanding any result that the child receives. Our goal is not to select the most talented children, but to give the opportunity to study at Trinity to those who will be interested and comfortable in our environment.

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How are students enrolled?

Stage - for all grades
An interview with the family

The duration of the conversation is 30-40 minutes.

The purpose of the stage is to discuss the positions of parents and the school about the education and upbringing in order to understand how the Trinity environment meets the needs and expectations of the family. It is important for us that the values of the family and the school coincide: we consider this a necessary condition for the harmonious development of the child.

Trinity — this is a school with family values, so it is very important for us to get to know both parents on the interview, if they are both involved in raising a child.
Grades 0-1
Child's interview with a psychologist

Taken in person, duration — 30 minutes.
In the 1 grade we invite children who are already 6 years old on September 1.

Grades 0-1

When enrolling in these classes, we do not test the subject knowledge of the child. It is important for us to understand how ready the child is for a full-time school. To do this, our psychologist uses a comprehensive methodology that allows us to determine the emotional, social and cognitive maturity. You do not need to prepare for this interview.

Our priority during the interview is the comfort of the child and a safe environment for him. That is why it is held in the form of a game. The child can access the corridor any time, his parents are waiting for him there.

Grades 2-11
Child's interview with a psychologist
subject testing
(Mathematics, English)

A subject testing is a basic Mathematics and English test that a child takes in one day. Duration - 1 academic hour per subject. Testing takes place at school.

Grades 0-1
Grades  2-11

The final stage

After the interview we analyze the results of both stages and make the final decision.


We send a letter with our decision to parents within a week after the interview.

* If it is not possible to come in person, you can have an interview and tests online.
For all questions related to admission to Trinity School, please write to [email protected]


What is the cost of education?

The cost of tuition fee at Trinity Private School for the 2023/2024 academic year starts from 9900 euros for ten academic months.

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Enrollment at school takes place after introductory conversations with students and parents. Book a meeting to learn more about Trinity Private School and discuss the most important thing - the future of your child.

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