School of Innovative Teaching

We create our school world in which we get to know ourselves, explore our capabilities, determine our destiny, learn to set goals and achieve them.



Education at Trinity Private School — is a combination of the classical approaches to learning with innovative ideas and teaching methods.


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We use modern educational technologies

Case study
An in-depth and detailed case study in a real-world context.
Design method
Learning by stating a problem and solving it step by step.
Business games
Simulation of real activity in an simulated problem situation.
Education through simple and accessible visualization of scientific phenomena.

Trinity Student Growth Vectors

Works independently and efficiently, manages his time to complete tasks on time. Organized and prepared for classes.

Competence development

Knowledge is only the part of the educational process, it is important to develop practical skills as well. Trinity Private School provides the basis for a complete life in the modern world.

Openness to the world and people
The art of asking questions
Developed ability to think
Critical thinking
High level of academic knowledge
Knowledge and the range of vision
Ability to formulate and communicate ideas
Effective Communication
The desire to benefit society
Socialization and responsibility

Enrollment at school takes place after introductory conversations with students and parents. Book a meeting to learn more about Trinity Private School and discuss the most important thing - the future of your child.

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